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ТЕМА: Dirk Koetter and The Big Miss Tiger Woods’ former swing coach

Dirk Koetter and The Big Miss Tiger Woods’ former swing coach 1 год 8 мес. назад #110

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Cheap Donovan Smith Jersey , Hank Haney, wrote a book entitled The Big Miss. If you play golf, you know all golfers have a shot they fear when the pressure is on and they have to hit a certain shot. In Tiger’s case, it’s the dreaded duck hook (huge miss to the left) that he’s fought hard to eliminate from his game over a number of swing changes. My personal big miss is a huge high slice off to the right. My hips turn too fast, my arms lag behind inside, I leave the club face wide open at impact and off the ball goes into some horrible trouble lurking on the course. I feel the pressure of the moment and don’t perform.You might be asking yourself “why the heck am I reading about golf in a football article?” Well, in football, the red zone is where the pressure ramps up for offensive coordinators and the entire offense. Over the course of Koetter’s coaching career, the red zone has often been his big miss. If a team isn’t successful enough in scoring touchdowns in the red zone, there is a very high probability they’re not going to win enough games to reach the playoffs, unless their defense is an elite unit. This article is going to look at the red zone data for Koetter’s offenses over the last eleven seasons. Now, let me be very clear that not everything wrong that happens in the red zone is the fault of play calling or scheme, and is not an attack on the Bucs play caller. Coach Koetter isn’t responsible for a fumbled snap, or missed blocking assignment, or dropped passes, or a misread by the QB, or any other crazy thing that can happen in football. So much has to go right in order to score touchdowns against eleven very large men trying to stop you in a compressed space. Coach Koetter can’t control anything once the ball is snapped. It’s on the players to make the play call work and get the ball across the goal line. But, over a large enough sample size of plays, it can’t all come down to lack of player execution and one can point to the struggles this particular offensive scheme has had in scoring touchdowns inside the red zone. The red zone numbers by year are from Team Rankings and the offensive and defensive line rankings are from Football Outsiders.Jacksonville Jaguars 2007 Red zone touchdown scoring: 57% conversion rate on 58 attempts. Ranked 8thRed zone scoring attempts per game. 3.6 (rank 3rd)Red zone touchdowns per game: 2.1 (rank 6th)Offensive points per game: 23.8 (rank 5th)Offensive line ranking: 18th run blocking. 17th pass protection.Defense ranking: 15thJacksonville Jaguars 2008Red zone touchdown scoring: 55% conversion rate on 45 attempts. Ranked 15th.Red zone scoring attempts per game: 2.8 (rank 22nd)Red zone touchdowns per game: 1.6 (ranked 20th)Offensive points per game: 17.6 (rank 24th)Offensive line ranking: 12 run blocking. 24th pass protection.Defense ranking: 24thJacksonville Jaguars 2009Red zone touchdown scoring: 51% conversion rate on 47 attempts. Ranked 16th.Red zone scoring attempts per game: 2.9 (rank 20th)Red zone touchdowns per game: 1.5 (rank 19th)Offensive points per game: 18.2 (rank 22nd)Offensive line ranking: 11th run blocking. 29th pass protection.Defense ranking: 28thJacksonville Jaguars 2010Red zone touchdown scoring: 63% conversion rate on 46 attempts. Ranked 3rd.Red zone scoring attempts per game: 2.9 (rank 20th)Red zone touchdowns per game: 1.8 (rank 13th)Offensive points per game: 21.6 (rank 12th)Offensive line ranking: 2nd run blocking. 24th pass protection.Defense ranking: 32ndJacksonville Jaguars 2011Red zone touchdown scoring: 48% conversion rate on 35 attempts. Ranked 21st.Red zone scoring attempts per game: 2.2 (rank 30th)Red zone touchdowns per game: 1.1 (rank 27th)Offensive points per game: 13.5 (rank 29th)Offensive line ranking: 13th run blocking. 26th pass protection.Defense ranking: 5thAtlanta Falcons 2012Red zone touchdown scoring: 57% conversion rate on 63 attempts. Rank 10th.Red zone scoring attempts per game: 3.8 (rank 4th)Red zone touchdowns per game: 2.2(rank 4th)Offensive points per game: 25.6 (rank 4th)Offensive line ranking: 24th run blocking. 8th pass protection.Defense ranking: 12thAtlanta Falcons 2013Red zone touchdown scoring: 51% conversion rate on 52 attempts. Ranked 22nd.Red zone scoring attempts per game: 3.2 (rank 14th)Red zone touchdowns per game: 1.7 (rank 17th)Offensive points per game: 20.7 (rank 19th)Offensive line ranking: 24th run blocking. 7th pass protection.Defense ranking: 29thAtlanta Falcons 2014Red zone touchdown scoring: 61% conversion on 44 attempts. Ranked 6th.Red zone scoring attempts per game: 2.8 (rank 26th)Red zone touchdowns per game: 1.7 (rank 16th)Offensive points per game: 22.5 (rank 12th)Offensive line ranking: 14th run blocking. 11th pass protection.Defense ranking: 32ndTampa Bay Buccaneers 2015Red zone touchdown scoring: 52% conversion rate on 51 attempts. Ranked 22nd.Red zone scoring attempts per game: 3.2 (rank 13th)Red zone touchdowns per game: 1.7 (rank 15th)Offensive points per game: 20.3 (rank 19th)Offensive line ranking: 9th run blocking. 14th pass protection.Defense ranking: 18thTampa Bay Buccaneers 2016Red zone touchdown scoring: 51% conversion rate on 54 attempts. Ranked 20th.Red zone scoring attempts per game: 3.4 (rank 11th)Red zone touchdowns per game: 1.8 (rank 16th)Offensive points per game: 20.3 (rank 20th)Offensive line ranking: 21st run blocking. 16th pass protection.Defense ranking: 13thTampa Bay Buccaneers 2017Red zone touchdown scoring: 49% conversion rate on 53 attempts. Ranked 24th.Red zone scoring attempts per game: 3.3 (rank 8th)Red zone touchdowns per game: 1.6 (rank 13th)Offensive points per game: 19.6 (rank 19th)Offensive line ranking: 16th run blocking. 16th pass protection.Defense ranking: 32ndWhew. Still with me? If your eyes haven’t glazed over yet, let’s keep going. Koetter’s offense has only had a 2.0 or above, in red zone touchdowns per game twice in eleven seasons, despite being in the top fifteen in red zone attempts in six of those years. The Bucs have been in the top fifteen in attempts for three consecutive years. The most successful years he has had as a play caller, in terms of scoring, were the with the Falcons. A fifth, sixth and seventh year Matt Ryan had the experience, decision making, and accuracy to run Koetter’s offense the most efficiently it’s been run in eleven seasons. It is a tough scheme and often requires higher difficulty throws and tight window completions. Those throws and windows only get more difficult and smaller in the red zone. Another thing the Falcons had that helped make this offensive scheme work more efficiently, was an offensive line that was in or just outside the top ten in pass protection every year. If the Bucs are going to crack the top ten in red zone touchdown scoring efficiency, having an offensive line in the top ten in pass protection would go a long way to accomplishing that feat. I hesitate to say necessity, but based on the data Peyton Barber Jersey , it might be a necessity. It is a passing league and quarterbacks in this offense have thrown a combined 1,718 passes (572 avg) over the last three seasons. Even with an improved run blocking offensive line and addition of Ronald Jones, expect the ball to be in the air more than five hundred times and a lot in the red zone, which puts a bigger premium on play calling creativity AND execution.A staple of Koetter’s offensive philosophy is the desire for explosive plays. Because of that, the offense can move the ball up and down the field on a pretty consistent basis. But, as the numbers show, once the field gets compressed inside the red zone, it can be more of a struggle to complete the drive with a touchdown. Some of that is player execution. Some of that is play design. The challenging part is determining which is the bigger cause for the red zone struggles attached to this scheme.So does that mean the Bucs red zone struggles of the last three years are guaranteed to repeat itself? Of course not. As I wrote earlier, not everything bad that happens is Koetter’s fault. The Falcons had bad injury luck and lost Julio Jones in 2013. He had eventual first round bust Blaine Gabbert as his quarterback in 2011. While the data doesn’t look promising for a big red zone scoring turn around, anything can happen year to year, and as fellow Bucs Nation writer Jon Marchant wrote, the Bucs are experimenting with more run pass option plays in 2018. Using more of those in the red zone would be a positive step in the right direction to scoring more touchdowns. Ultimately, fixing the scoring woes will boil down to how much of a leap Jameis Winston makes going into his fourth year, Koetter breaking some play calling tendencies, and how much the offensive line can protect/open running lanes once the pressure is on inside the red zone. The first preseason game is tonight. The Bucs struggled finishing off drives in last years preseason games and that struggle transferred into the regular season. It is now or never for the coaching staff and players. Don’t miss.Buccaneers of the Week: vs. Philadelphia After every game, we’ll break down the Buccaneers’ top five players of the week. Point values will be distributed to each, which will then be added up for our weekly Buccaneers of the Week Standings.The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are 2-0. That’s right, there was no letdown for Dirk Koetter and his team after last week’s season-opening 48-40 win in New Orleans. They came back to Raymond James Stadium on Sunday and took down the defending Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles by a score of 27-21. Let’s dive into the top five Bucs from week two.Honorable MentionsAny time you win a game in the NFL, especially against a team like the Eagles, it takes more than five big performances. Unfortunately, there will always be some deserving players that miss this weekly list. Some just need to be talked about, so that’s where we are here. For Sunday’s win over Philadelphia, some honorable mentions include: O.J. Howard (three catches for 96 yards and a touchdown), Chris Godwin (five catches for 56 yards and a touchdown), Ryan Smith (nine tackles, two passes defended), Lavonte David (nine tackles, one pass breakup, one fumble recovery) and Gerald McCoy (one sack, two quarterback hits).No. 5: Mike Evans (One point)Mike Evans had another big day on Sunday Cheap Justin Evans Jersey , his second straight, but a couple of mistakes kept him from potentially being higher on this week’s list. A dropped pass that killed one drive and a fumble that allowed the Eagles to get back in the game were low points of what was otherwise a great performance. The fifth-year receiver caught 10 passes on 12 targets for 83 yards and a touchdown in the win. Evans picked up a couple of milestones on Sunday. He pulled into second place in franchise history for career receptions and tied the team record for most career receiving touchdowns. The 2014 first-rounder has been a stud in the first two games, being the Bucs’ reliable go-to guy. With so many other dangerous pass-catchers on this roster, it was uncertain how many targets Evans would be getting. But through two weeks, the number of weapons on the offense has effectively pulled some of the defense’s attention away from Evans. He hasn’t missed an opportunity to take advantage of that.No. 4: Jason Pierre-Paul (Two points)There was a lot of excitement when Tampa Bay traded for Jason Pierre-Paul in March. The pass rush in 2017 was horrible and that acquisition was part of the front office’s effort to turn things around. Pierre-Paul did some nice things throughout the preseason and was okay in week one, but week two belonged to him. The ninth-year veteran picked up five tackles, his first sack of the season and delivered four quarterback hits.The Bucs need that type of disruption from their defensive line this season, especially with the injuries and overall youth of the secondary. Opposing quarterbacks will want to pick on the rookies and inexperienced starters as much as possible, but it becomes harder to do that when a guy like JPP is hawking you down at every turn. He is a huge asset for this defensive line that has already looked much-improved over last year. Watching the former South Florida Bull come out at Raymond James Stadium and have such a big day should have Buccaneer fans feeling very good about what he’ll do throughout the rest of this season. No. 3: Kwon Alexander (Three points)The opening drive of the 2018 season was a tough one for Kwon Alexander. Ever since, he has been the guy that the Bucs have gotten used to over the past few years. After having a pretty good day overall against the Saints, Alexander was all over the field on Sunday against the Eagles. By the end of the day, he had seven tackles (six solo), one sack-fumble and three tackles for loss. Tampa Bay would love some more of that.Given the state of their secondary, the Bucs need to be strong against the run. Kwon is a big part of that, so his successful day on Sunday was huge for the unit. Philadelphia ran for 91 yards, which marked the second straight game that the Buccaneer defense held the opposition to fewer than 100 yards on the ground. 2018 is a big year for Alexander’s future, as he is expected to get a contract extension sooner rather than later. With more days like he had on Sunday, that payday will get bigger and bigger. For now, the former LSU Tiger debuts on Buccaneers of the Week with three points.No. 2: DeSean Jackson (Four points)If not for the top entry on this week’s list, it would be easy to crown DeSean Jackson as the team’s MVP for the first two weeks of this season. A largely disappointing 2017 season seems like a distant memory after just two regular season games in 2018. Jackson caught five passes for 146 yards and two touchdowns against New Orleans in week one, then picked up right where he left off by opening Sunday’s game against Philadelphia with a 75-yard touchdown catch. Overall, he caught four passes for 129 yards and the touchdown. The 75-yard touchdown catch on the game’s first play tied D-Jax with Hall of Famer Jerry Rice for most career touchdown receptions of 60-plus yards. It was the 31-year-old’s 23rd such reception of his career and it came against his former team. This year, Jackson has been the deep threat that the Bucs had hoped he would be. He obviously has a strong connection with Ryan Fitzpatrick and the team has to hope that he has developed the same type of chemistry with Jameis Winston—whenever he does return. It’s clear through two weeks that Jackson still has plenty left in the tank, as he takes a top-three spot on this list once again.No. 1: Ryan Fitzpatrick (Five points)Obviously. Just like last week, there is no other choice for the top guy on this list. Ryan Fitzpatrick was dominant for a second straight game, tearing up a tough Philadelphia defense for 402 yards and four touchdowns on 27-of-33 passing. His first interception of the year came on a pass that should have been caught by O.J. Howard, so that has no effect on where the 14th-year veteran stands this week. He is simply on another level right now. Fitzpatrick became the first quarterback IN NFL HISTORY to throw for 400-plus yards and four touchdowns in each of his team’s first two games of the season. He leads the NFL in passer rating (151.5) and has thrown for a total of 819 yards and eight touchdowns. All of that has happened in two games. No wonder he’s out there rubbing beards with Evan Smith pregame and taking DeSean Jackson’s clothes for his postgame press conference.Fitzmagic, folks.Updated Buccaneers of the Week Standings through week two:Ryan Fitzpatrick— 10 pointsDeSean Jackson— 7 pointsMike Evans— 5 pointsKwon Alexander— 3 points(TIE) Offensive Line/Jason Pierre-Paul— 2 pointsVernon Hargreaves— 1 point
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