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ТЕМА: It was 1972 and I was 7 years old. To that point the Steelers

It was 1972 and I was 7 years old. To that point the Steelers 1 год 6 мес. назад #280

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had played in two playoff games in their 39 year history , winning neither. This year, however, they didn’t seem to be the Same Old Steelers. We had an exciting new rookie first rounder out of Penn State. It was my first season paying attention. I had taken my newly acquired skill of writing cursive and sent a letter to Franco asking to be inducted into his Italian army. He didn’t write back, so I figure I was 4-F.My father had been a lifelong fan, having grown up in Pleasant Hills, just off Rt. 51. He had played at Clairton High (alma mater of Tyler Boyd) and earned a football scholarship to Westminster College. He found himself, fifteen years after matriculating at Westminster, listening to the divisional playoff game against the Oakland Raiders on a transistor radio in the kitchen. Steeler Nation wasn’t prepared that year for the playoffs so the game didn’t sell out, and therefore wasn’t aired live locally.I’d like to say I was parked right next to my dad the whole game. But I wasn’t. My older sister had roped me into playing “School” with her. Each time, however, she, as the teacher would announce that it was time for recess I would race to the kitchen to check the status of the game. The last time I went in my father gave me this glum report:“It’s not looking good Pittsburgh Steelers T-Shirt , son. It’s 4th and long. There’s almost no time left. And we’re behind.” Now I loved and respected my dad. He certainly knew more about the Steelers than I did. But he lacked something I had an abundance of — child like faith. So I corrected him and said, “Don’t worry Dad. Franco will do something great, and the Raiders won’t have time to come back.”And then, the immaculate reception.I can’t tell you that I knew in advance what Franco would do. I didn’t. I just knew he would do something. And with that one play, the trajectory of our beloved franchise changed forever. I can’t either provide audio or video tape of that conversation. I can tell you it actually happened, when I said it happened, just as I said it happened. Disbelieve me if you wish. It won’t change what happened.The last thing I’m able to do is to draw a causal connection between my youthful assurance that Franco would find a way, and Franco finding a way. Maybe it would have happened had I not been paying attention to the game. Maybe it would have happened if I had been worrisome and pessimistic like my father. But maybe, just maybe, my confidence in my hero is what kept the ball from touching Frenchy Fuqua. Maybe my confidence in my hero is what kept the ball from touching the turf at Three Rivers. Maybe my confidence in my hero is what kept Franco in bounds all the way to the end zone as the clock ran out. Or maybe it was some other kid with the same hope. Maybe it was you. With the Steelers possibly taking a more conservative approach, and looking at all their needs this offseason, it could be inferred that if an elite EDGE prospect were to be there at 20 Pittsburgh Steelers Hats , they might just jump on him. Enter in Brian Burns, who is a top 5 player on my big board and even in a stacked EDGE class, really sticks out as a potential star. Burns has some traits that are eye-popping and continues to show out on tape every time you watch him. Thus, it is tempting for any team with EDGE as a secondary team to go and try to get him.Measurements Ht: 6’5”Wt: 235 lbsExpected 40: 4.62Film RoomBurns has some insane bend, he can just bend around the edge like a dang slinky. The dude is a super polished pass rusher and it shows up all over his tape. Honestly, just check out how this guy beats guys around the edge, it isn’t even funny.Burns, as shown here, has a great first step. He times the snap count absurdly well and can use that burst to convert to speed, power, and then bend around the edge. Look at the way he uses his hands to gain the edge here and maintain leverage, as he plays lows. Then Pittsburgh Steelers Hoodie , as he bends, his inside leg takes is super flexible and behind his hips. Fantastic job of moving around the edge and bending to get this sack.Yet, Burns has one of the most lethal moves in the entire class, a wicked spin move that I love every time it shows up on film. Burns plays this off well because of the leverage he has. Every time he comes off the ball his shoulders are literally level with his hips and he lets his hips anchor himself for power. Thus, with that burst, the conversion allows him to win off of the snap. Burns thus can use this spin move once he gets the Tackle off balance, and boy does he ever do it. It is a wicked quick move that takes advantage of that quickness and nets extremely easy pressures for Burns all the time. Burns is never going to be a fantastic run defender, largely due to his frame, but he is more than apt at doing so due to his impressive pass rushing traits. Burns has a fantastic rip move here to beat the guy of the edge and then takes an easy angle to make the tackle. Just textbook stuff.WeaknessesHe has incredibly light frame for an EDGE rusher and should really bulk up for the sake of gap discipline too. I just hope that doesn’t affect his agility too much if it does happen. He can fill out that frame, get the anchor he needs to hold the edge, and thrive. He hasn’t been asked to drop back into coverage much, which actually matters in the Steelers’ system.Fit with the SteelersBurns fills a need and would be a great partner for TJ Watt to have Youth Customized Pittsburgh Steelers Jerseys , although he cannot drop into coverage too often I would suspect. He has the agility to do it, but it is just not his forte at all. So, that might knock him down slightly, but that is why they have Bud Dupree, I guess.Final ThoughtsOptimistic View: Burns fills out his frame, becomes a stout run defender, and can still bend like a slinky and be an elite EDGE rusher. He becomes a perennial pro bowler and he and TJ Watt become one of the best duos in the NFL period.Pessimistic View: Burns is just better staying at the weight and never becomes a truly good run defender, but he is still an elite pass rusher. Burns still makes huge plays and is a great partner in crime for Watt.My Take: I think there is so much more room in that frame and Burns won’t lose much. He is almost a slam dunk pick. His floor is high and he has a high ceiling too. Burns should be a stud at the next level. Custom Seattle Seahawks Jerseys
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