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ТЕМА: Ford should result in some serious fireworks this week. . Jersey

Ford should result in some serious fireworks this week. . Jersey 1 год 7 мес. назад #238

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It’s the end of the week at Arrowhead Pride Womens Terrance Smith Jersey , so that means we’re moving on from last week’s good performance against the Cincinnati Bengals and looking forward to this Sunday’s second matchup between the Denver Broncos and the Kansas City Chiefs!These teams faced off already in Week 4, and the Chiefs defense struggled to tackle and execute, allowing a pretty poor offense to control the game. The defense was bailed out by a stellar performance from the offense, but the Broncos game was a breaking point for many Chiefs fans.Luckily, for the Chiefs, the problems in the first matchup were by and large due to poor performances by the players on the field, with Reggie Ragland, Anthony Hitchens, Allen Bailey, and Ron Parker being targeted in the run game. In the last three weeks, each of these players has shown improvements and an ability to work with the rest of their teammates.Coming off the best performance of the year for the defense against a pretty good Bengals offense, the Broncos offense shouldn’t offer a stiff test. As I’ve covered the Broncos and their tendencies in a post recently, this week we’ll take a look at what’s changed in Denver’s personnel in the last three weeks and what the Chiefs can do to improve on their performance.The Broncos offenseIsaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY SportsCase Keenum has managed to throw at least one interception in every single game this year while throwing less touchdowns than picks.Quite simply, he’s been a game manager for the Broncos, but he hasn’t done a particularly great job of it.At running back, Royce Freeman has had a stellar year thus far, leading the second-ranked rushing offense in yards per carry. However, a high ankle sprain late in last week’s Arizona Cardinals game has him ruled out for this week’s matchup. In his stead, third-down back Phillip Lindsay will shoulder the load with Devontae Booker. Neither is nearly the runner between the tackles that Freeman is.Tight end Jeff Heuermann led the Broncos in receiving yards and tied for targets during the last matchup, and has been slowly integrated more into the passing game. As with last time these teams met, wide receivers Emmanuel Sanders and Demaryius Thomas lead them on the outside with Courtland Sutton developing as a deep threat.Two major changes on the offensive line come at left guard and right tackle, with Max Garcia getting the start at guard, and Billy Turner replacing an injured Jared Veldheer at right tackle. The unit has allowed a lot of pressure this year, ranking 26th in pressure rate according to Football Outsiders. They’ve also allowed over two sacks a game to go with those pressures. The last time these teams faced, the Chiefs racked up four sacks, even with their poor defensive performance.How the Chiefs can improve on their performanceTackling between the tacklesIt seems quite simple to just target “tackling” as a point of improvement from the last meeting Womens Reggie Ragland Jersey , but it was easily the worst performance of the year in that regard. The Broncos had four runs that should have been tackled for loss or no gain that ended up going for 10 or more yards. Over the past three weeks, the Chiefs defense has improved vastly in that regard, even if the overall performances haven’t always been positive. Against a team like the Broncos, who find most of their success on early downs — ninth in the league at attaining a new set of downs on first or second downs, according to SBNation’s NFL analytics — tackling well puts them into third down situations, where the Chiefs rank third and the Broncos rank 21st.Improved tackling coupled with some lighter backs who are a little easier to bring down, the Chiefs front seven could find themselves with some success this week in lighter boxes.Matchups in coverageThe last time these two teams played, the Denver Broncos not only ran the ball well, they also got the ball out quickly against a defense playing 40 percent off-man coverage. The Chiefs defense was largely beat underneath, with Keenum getting the ball out in an obscene 2.08 seconds per throw on average.If I’m Bob Sutton this week, I’m switching it up.I’d lean on another man-heavy game, but I’d bring the press in Arrowhead. Keenum was able to get into a rhythm early due to the short passing game, especially targeting Parker and Eric Murray against Heuermann, Orlando Scandrick against Sanders and Sutton, and Justin Houston against Booker and Lindsay. The emergence of Jordan Lucas in the past three weeks has allowed the Chiefs a little more coverage flexibility up front. As we saw last week against the Bengals, Sutton isn’t afraid to bracket a team’s No. 1 option and leave Lucas in man coverage against a tight end. If Sutton chooses to roll help over the top of Scandrick’s man this week, it can allow him to play more aggressive at the line of scrimmage and take away shorter routes, knowing that the Broncos’ speed won’t hurt the defense.Finally, last week’s dime packages for Dorian O’Daniel should pay some major dividends this week. Since the Broncos are without Freeman, healthy doses of Lindsay and Booker should be expected in the passing game. As neither have the same ability to break tackles and read blockers on interior runs that Freeman does, screens and rolling running backs into the flats to create space can be expected from the Broncos offense.The last time these teams faced was the first real look we got at O’Daniel with the first-team defense, as the lone off-ball linebacker in the Chiefs NASCAR pass rush package opposite Booker. Sutton trusted O’Daniel to match up with Joe Mixon this past week, so asking him to cover Booker and Lindsay out of the backfield shouldn’t be a stretch. Expect to see more of the dime and more O’Daniel this week as he grows into the game.The bottom lineThe last time these two teams faced, the Broncos were able to move the ball and put the Chiefs in an early hole — something only the New England Patriots have been able to do to this point. That’s good company to be in, if you’re a Denver fan.Unfortunately, the things the Broncos were able to do well (run between the tackles Womens Xavier Williams Jersey , across the middle with tight ends) will be limited due to some changes for both teams in the past three weeks.It cannot be overstated how huge of a loss Freeman is for the Denver offense this week. His ability to read the correct gap, make players miss and punish second and third level defenders is demoralizing for a defensive front. Denver is then able to utilize the smaller, quicker back in Lindsay to run at some tired legs. Without the initial set-up of Freeman, Lindsay isn’t quite as effective — particularly, between the tackles.The Broncos were able to pick on Parker and Murray in man coverage with Heuermann to gain some chunk yardage on early downs, setting the team up for easy conversions. Since that game, Lucas has come on strong and seems to be the preferred man coverage defender against the opposition’s tight ends and pass catching backs. Utilizing his ability to press and speed to close on routes will be key to take away a security blanket for Keenum and allow the pass rush to get home.Speaking of the pass rush, a backup right tackle against the Chiefs best pass rusher in Dee Ford should result in some serious fireworks this week. Ford’s been on a hot streak, and a game at home against a backup — with a quarterback that takes a lot of sacks — should have him licking his chops. I predict a multiple sack game from five-five this week.Quite simply, the Broncos offense doesn’t scare me without Freeman and in the cozy confines of Arrowhead. The Broncos offense hasn’t had to face at tough road atmosphere, with their away games being against the Baltimore Ravens, New York Jets, and the Arizona Cardinals. Make no mistake, this is the first real test of this offense’s ability to communicate and stay with the snap count in a raucous environment.On top of that, I think the Chiefs got one of Denver’s better games the last time these two teams played. It was on a big stage away from home, and the defensive errors compounded a good gameplan from the Broncos. At home, the Chiefs defense has executed better, tackled better and has managed to hold the opposition to under 17 points a game.With the Broncos missing some key starters and the Chiefs finding their identity with some young players, I expect another great performance on the defensive side of the ball this week. The Cleveland Browns entire organization has been turned upside down, then inside out, shaken up a little bit, and now placed in the hands of Gregg Williams and Freddie Kitchens. It’s a hard task to ask a team to play super well under these kinds of circumstances but equally as hard to prepare to play the team. Usually, teams that lose their head coach, or even coordinator, come out with a little fire and passion. The Browns play hard every single week, as evidenced by the four overtime games Womens Anthony Hitchens Jersey , but tend to fall apart consistently. With a new coaching staff in charge, it’s impossible to tell what will be new and what will remain consistent. With that said, Gregg Williams is now the head coach, so the defense should remain the same. Let’s head down the AP Laboratory and breakdown this aggressive Williams’ defense.Cleveland Browns defensePersonnel preferencesThe Browns predominantly run a 4-3 defense that spends a fair amount of time in their base package using their talented linebacker group. The injury to Joe Schobert has forced rookie Genard Avery into more playing time, which actually provides them with some extra flexibility, as Avery is a very good pass rusher as well. The Browns rotate their secondary players often. Denzel Ward and Damarious Randall will play every snap but the second and third safeties and cornerbacks rotate frequently. A nickel defensive back does often come in as Avery is slid down into a defensive end position as someone else kicks inside.As with any Gregg Williams defense, the Browns defense plays aggressively and often dials up blitzes as well as shows pressure and drops out of it. Even when playing from a “base” alignment, the Browns’ front seven is playing downhill first while the secondary plays to keep stuff in front of them. Pass defenseThe Browns mix up their coverage type, shells and techniques rather frequently.The most common coverage is a Tampa-2 zone, which is Cover-2 (two deep safeties, five underneath zone players), in which only one of the underneath hook defenders plays deep in the middle of the field. With their athletic linebackers, who can play the pass well, they can remove one of the bigger holes against a traditional Cover-2 zone and still have enough speed underneath to not be picked apart. The Browns will play different techniques when in man coverage or zone as well. Press-ball technique, which is aligning near the line of scrimmage but retreating as the ball is snapped, is the most common man coverage for the Browns. Even in their zone coverage, the Browns look to usually play top-down, reducing the big play with their secondary players while allowing their second-level players to play more aggressive. Denzel Ward is having a good rookie campaign, proving to be a playmaker. However, he can be beaten for big plays, given the risks, and the second and third cornerbacks for Cleveland haven’t been anything more than adequate most of the year. Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty ImagesEveryone knows about Myles Garrett and his freakish athletic ability and how much of a terror he’s been as a pass rusher, but the lesser known Larry Ogunjobi is almost as important to their defense. His ability to penetrate and rush the passer on the interior is huge and their pass rush goes even beyond just those two. Mahomes, when asked about Garrett praised his ability first then had this to say:Run defenseThe Browns’ defense has struggled this year with their run fits and not over-pursuing runs that are designed to offer to back side cuts. Jamie Collins and Christian Kirksey are very talented linebackers that can cover a ton of space on the second level and Garrett and Emmanuel Ogbah do a good job of holding the edge against the run. Their issues against the run aren’t for a lack of talent but rather playing a bit too fast and struggling to fit the right run gaps. How the Chiefs winBasic gameplanWhen dropping back to pass, the Chiefs will have to correctly identify what coverage the Browns are in but have to have combinations called to beat Tampa-2. A lot of the Chiefs’ damage through the air against the Browns should come in the intermediate soft spots of the zone and underneath, but they should also dial up some shot plays off of play-action. The biggest key for the Chiefs is going to be handling the pressure packages of the Browns and how they go about beating those looks. The Chiefs have to get their protections correct to pick up these blitzes or accurately identify hot routes and get the ball out of Mahomes’ hands quickly to the open receiver. When the Chiefs hit up the ground game Authentic Travis Kelce Jersey , they should emphasize the misdirection game using counters, traps and wide receivers in the run game. As an extension of the run game, the Chiefs’ use of the shovel pass and various screens should help open up the downfield passing attack. Using the aggression of the Browns defense against them will be paramount in the run game. Misdirection and the run The Chiefs have been good at finding success with outside runs the last few weeks and their multiple-runs scheme has provided them a good base to catch defenses unsuspecting. Against the Browns they may be able to find some success on the ground but the team speed and talent on the Browns defense is pretty good and given such the Chiefs should use misdirection in their run game.This long-trap run by the Los Angeles Chargers goes for a good chunk without the running back being asked to make anyone miss or anything over the top. Instead, the counter footwork by the running back gets all three linebackers to either freeze or start flowing the wrong direction. The right tackle leaves what appears to be his man on the backside of the run unblocked, allowing him to climb quickly to the second level and reach a linebacker reaction late to the running back. The fullback comes across the formation and wham-blocks the unblocked defensive end, kicking him outside and opens up a hole. The pursuit is late because of the misdirection and the Chargers offensive line have easily reached the second level defenders. The Chiefs should use Long Trap, Counter, and Counter Trey to take advantage of the fast-flowing run defense. Time to hit the postMahomes has been fantastic this year, throwing short, throwing long, under pressure, in a clean pocket, etc. One thing the Chiefs have yet to connect on is the deep post. The Browns will run a lot of Tampa-2, which attempts to help that middle-of-the-field hole that the Chiefs destroyed against the Pittsburgh Steelers, but dialing up some deep, middle-of-the-field shot-plays off play-action should find some success.Off the play-action, the offense has a deep dig to hold the weak-side (of the passing formation) safety while on the strong side, the wide receiver runs a deep post. Due to the run action, the hole-defending linebacker bites up, then has to recover 40 yards downfield to get underneath the post. The combination of the deep post and play-action just created too much open space for the offense to exploit. Whether deep posts like this, vertical concepts stretching both seams, as well as the numbers or Bang-8s (skinny posts) these middle of the field vertical routes are going to be an option if the play is designed well. Mahomes has the arm and confidence to try to fit the ball into these tighter windows and hopefully connects on one of these deep post routes this week. Glutton of gimmicksThe Chiefs offense has been accused of being “High School” or gimmicky often and this is the week that Andy Reid should embrace that mold, at least early on. Take advantage of that Browns defense, again, and get them moving one direction while the ball goes elsewhere. The screen game should make a big comeback this week. The Steelers had a ton of success hitting screens to every position. The Browns’ pass rush pins their ears back and gets after the quarterback, which often results in them not identifying when they are released during a screen play. The shovel pass after the jet motions and outside run action is also something that should be used to slow down the pass rush and find easy yards.Even simple end-arounds like this one from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers can take advantage of a relatively fast defense. The blocking motion toward the backside mimics a traditional run but creates natural down blocks that the offensive line is able to release and move on to the second level as the defenders all crash toward the running back.The Chiefs will always have a package of “trick” plays like this Authentic Chris Jones Jersey , but they’ve taken a bit of a backseat for the RPO-heavy attack and traditional plays.This may be the week to bring them back in conjunction with the normal offense. Handling pressure looksWe’ve talked about it all year: as impressive as Mahomes has been, his biggest weakness has been operating cleanly when a defense crowds the line of scrimmage with bodies and blitzes and drops them at what seems like random times. He hasn’t made the right protection calls (OL is involved here too) as frequently as you’d like, which has resulted in some overload blitzes, forcing him to move or throw early. The Browns will continue the trend of defenses doing that to Kansas City, and this is a big test for the offensive line and quarterback with their protection calls. When the protection holds up, Mahomes has to stay patient and wait for hard breaking routes (in, out, or back) as the Browns defensive backs will be in bail technique or playing soft in their zone. Another way to beat the pressure packages is by identifying the hot routes, both the quaretrback and the target wide receiver, and working to them quickly. The trick is to not get locked in on the read (see interception against the Patriots) if the pressure doesn’t come. It’s a thin line to walk, but if you want to free up space at the line of scrimmage, then hit a few slants, seams and “open” routes behind the defensive front. The bottom lineThere are clear areas in which the Browns’ aggressive defense can be taken advantage of in both the run and pass game. The misdirection in the run game, as well as the behind-the-line-of-scrimmage passing game, should be a major weapon used to get the offense in rhythm. Exploiting the holes of the Tampa-2 defense on corner, post, seam and dig routes will be paramount to sustaining offensive drives. The Browns also give up big plays, so a few shot plays should be called and have a relatively high success rate. The most important aspect of the game for the Chiefs offense is to continue to show growth against the crowded line of scrimmage alignment that defenses have used to slow them down this year. If the protection calls and hot routes are correctly identified, there should be plenty of time and space for big plays behind the blitz. If the Chiefs can execute in a few of these areas, they should have no issues putting up big points against the Browns and forcing a struggling Browns offense to play catch-up.
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